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March 2012

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'Move That Firetruck:' Johnson Family Sees Their Tully Home Makeover

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Photo courtesy of The Post-Standard

Photo courtesy of Today’s CNY Woman Magazine

"I feel like the richest lady in the world. The most treasured thing you will ever have is your children."
-Diana Johnson

Dave Johnson served with the Syracuse Fire Department for 35 years and during that time received numerous commendations and awards for valor and service. He and his wife, Diana, have been married for 39 years and are the parents of 17 children, 14 of whom are adopted. The Johnsons have also fostered 12 other children.

"We’ve tried to teach them to have a strong faith in God and that people of all ethnic backgrounds can live together and love each other. None of us see the color."
-Diana Johnson

Eight children still live at home in a cramped three bedroom, two bath ranch-style home just outside of Tully, NY. The house is in serious need of repairs and modifications to accommodate the health needs of a son, Andy, who has Crohn's Disease, and Dave who has health problems that impede his mobility. The Johnsons do not have the resources to renovate the home on their own, so members of the Syracuse Fire Department have decided to take on the project. Please Help Us!

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